Whole Body Method

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Aside from the exercises themselves, the Pilates method has several “earthly” elements that make it a healing workout for your body. For a start, the equipment is made from wood and metal. These are two of the five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While I’m no expert on TCM, I am keenly observant of nature and feel that working out on wood and metal ground our bodies and minds so that we feel safe and can then safely explore our motions and co-incidentally our e-motions. That’s why it’s also important to focus in Pilates.  Being on the equipment, you can create a sacred space where for the time you are there, you can be connected with   wood and metal elements that come directly from nature. This connection established another another healthy way to work on the healing and happiness of body, mind and spirit.

Nigel Sampson

(Source: wholebodymethod.com)